Jacob’s 2 months!

Jacob is two months already!  Really? Has it been that long already?  Well, he just had his two months appointment and it definitely shows! He had started out with slow weight gain as it took two weeks to even get to his birth weight. But now he has gone from being in the 30th percentile for his weight to being in the 80th percentile!  He is now weighing 13 lbs 5oz and 24 inches long!

Jacob - two months

Jacob – two months

Isn’t he cute? 🙂  And well, I do love to compare the growth of my kids.  And their pictures.  So first we have big sister Abigail. My long lean little girl was 24.5 inches and 10 lbs. Taller and thinner.


Abigail at 2 months!

See the resemblance?  If she wasn’t wearing pink, I could most assuredly mistake her for Jacob.  Okay, so now on to big brother Isaac.  He was definitely big!! And a bit short I guess.  He was only 22.5 inches long but a whopping 15 lbs.


Isaac at two months

So there’s my little kids.  And for a little giggle, a small glimpse into my life with a 4 year old.  Here is the setting: I am seated on the couch, checking my email.  Abigail comes up to me and asks me very politely if I can move to the other couch.
Me: Why?
Abigail: My imaginary friends Kyra and Cali are here and Krya is going to sleep there (pointing at the cushion I am leaning against.)  Cali is going to sleep there (pointing at the cushion next to me.) And I am going to sleep there. (Pointing to the third cushion.)
I reply: Oh, that wouldn’t be nice if I squish Kyra would it?
Abigail: No.
Me: Can I squish you? (I’m feeling a bit ornery)
Abigail: Nooo.  But you and daddy can squish each other.

😀  Gotta love the mind of a 4 year old.



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