Winter, I love you.

You know how it always happens that you really remember how much you loved something as soon as its gone?  It’s like ugh, you were right again, Mom.  I complained about it when I had it; now that it’s gone I miss it.

So I made a list to remind myself later when I start complain about winter again; here’s my top 10 (in no particular order) reasons of why I love winter.

Happy May Day!  Yep woke up on the first day of May to this.  Ironically enough it was nearly 100 degrees just two weeks later.  Stay on your toes people! You never know whats coming.

Happy May Day! Yep woke up on the first day of May to this. Ironically enough it was nearly 100 degrees just two weeks later. Stay on your toes people! You never know whats coming.

1. No SPIDERS and no birds.  I haven’t officially found any live spiders in my house yet, but I know they are coming.  I HATE spiders.  Like seriously.  It doesn’t really make sense to me where they go in the winter time, but I don’t really care.  If my house is spider-free for a few months (or more) I’m happy.  I also got home from work the other day and there was a giant splat of bird poop on my car…. the kind that is basically cemented on.  No regular car wash gets that stuff off and it makes a bigger mess when you try to wipe your windshield… talk about gross.

2. Never worry about what to wear.  There’s really little decision-making for me on what to wear.  I find some pants, a sweater of some kind, fuzzy socks, and one or more coats.  Generally it doesn’t even matter which top you wear because you’ll have a coat on anyway.  And I’m not the kind of person to try to match my coat to the rest of my outfit.  A coat is a coat.  Plus my fur boots go with EVERYTHING!

3. Venues for parties/get-togethers are pretty much decided.  You don’t have to worry about anything outdoors.  Any party that you have will be inside, or will have some sort of heated shelter/cabin nearby.  You really don’t want to go to that community building an hour away… chances are there will be a freak blizzard and take you 3 hours to get home even with 4-wheel drive (and you have to get home, else where would you sleep?)  Basically you go with your house, or the friend’s house down the road.

The wind can do some crazy looking things to the snow.

The wind can do some crazy looking things to the snow.

4. I can sit in front of the TV with a blanket and my space heater and that’s perfectly acceptable.  One of my favorite things to at night is grab a blanket and get nice and toasty with a little heater.  Its not that I’m really that cold, it just feels so wonderful to be warm.  Its like why do so many people like hot tubs?  Its warm and relaxing and mmm… so nice 🙂

5. Everything looks pretty and clean. I love when everything is white.  White looks clean.  Of course this generally turns brown and dirty fast, but the white is nice!  See after harvest it gets a little depressing.  The fields were full, producing bountiful crops, and then all of a sudden they are empty.  Barren.  Nothing but scraps and dirt.  So after harvest I’m pretty ready for some nice white snow to cover up the sad and empty fields.

6. No one tells me how great my neighbor’s yard looks.  I will admit: my neighbor’s yard always looks fantastic.  They have good looking trees, grass, landscaping, paving stones, rock, bushes, flowers… you name it.  And all of it looks good, all the time.  I’m just happy if my lawn is mowed on a semi-regular basis!  However, in the winter, my yard looks just as good as theirs.  The grass and landscaping (or lack thereof) is covered in snow, so we’re basically on an even playing field! People will tell me how good theirs looks and its like, “hey, you haven’t even seen their backyard.  Its even better.”  Seriously.


7. The only work I have to do on Saturdays is clean the house. There’s no roofs to be shingled, no houses to paint, no rocks to pick up.

8. No yardwork.   My husband and I have this sort of unwritten agreement:  he does the snow, I do the grass.  So when it snows and we can’t get our cars out of the garage, I lay in our warm bed while he goes outside in the cold to clear us a path.  When summertime comes around I’ll mow the lawn in the sweltering heat after work sometime.  So winter is great because I don’t have to deal with whatever winter decides to throw at us.

9. My hair stays straight when I do it.  Yes I do have naturally straight hair, but even with genetics the humidity of the summer can give me some odd waves and curls.  Its great to not have to worry about that during the winter months.


And probably my favorite thing about winter…

10.  It does finally give way to sunshine and warmth!  Despite all the wonderful things listed above, I have to say that I am probably more of a summer child!  So bring it on… after several months of snow, cold, and bitter wind chills… I’m ready for an indian summer!


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