I learned how to crotchet when my son Isaac was just a year old.  He had a lot of problem with ear infections, and my mom told me that her mother always kept the kids ears covered even after ear infections.  The ears were more sensitive to cold and wind and probably it helped keep additional ear infections from forming.  So I needed to learn how to create a hat that would cover my sons ears. I could have bought one, but I’m rather frugal, and it wasn’t the season for warm hats anyway. So it was definitely worth a try to learn.  So my sister-in-law showed me the basics and youtube videos taught me everything else!  Youtube tutorials are wonderful when I cannot understand the lingo of crocheting instructions.  The hats worked pretty well, so I branched out from there to a scarf.  Infinity scarves are really cute so I decided that would be my next project.

My 3rd attempt!

My 3rd attempt!

There is definitely a learning curve!  I made my first infinity scarf and when I tried on the finished product, it nearly choked me. When the instructions say “check your guage” you really should!  After I unraveled the scarf, I measured it out.  I was 12 inches short!!  That is a lot, no wonder it choked me!  So then attempt number 2, I just made a rather basic error of misreading the instructions, thankfully I discovered the error rather early.  So my 3rd attempt finally created a useable scarf.

On to my next project!  I have always wanted an afghan just like mom has. I have fond memories of that blue chevron-patterened afghan.  Tricia and I used to sit on the couch with our feet on the piano bench, draping the afghan over our legs and the space heater blowing heat under the blanket.  It kept us nice and cozy warm. 🙂  So, I tried a pattern that I found off of pinterest.  Utter failure.  I guess I don’t know the lingo well enough to read a pattern and follow it.  So I decided I would just use the knowledge I already knew and make a blanket.  But it wouldn’t be chevron-patterened or an afghan really.  What makes an afghan, an afghan is the ridges.  So it’s not a smooth blanket. So anyway, I crocheted away, and when I finished, guess what? The top was about 5 feet wide and the bottom about 3 feet.  Bummer.  So, I stuffed it in a closet and tried to forget about it.

Just a month or so ago, I went to a friends house, who has crocheted some beautiful afghans, and she taught me her pattern.  Wow was it simple. So I went home, pulled out that failed-blanket and began unraveling.  The irony of it, is that it has been a really warm winter.  And by the time I finish this blanket, it will probably be July.  Hot, hot, hot.  Last week the high’s were in the upper 90’s.  All week.  Although I never enjoyed the seemingly endless winter in the midwest, I don’t like the perpetual summer we’ve been having here on the west coast.  So, back to my blanket.  I am about halfway done.

Chevron Afghan

Chevron Afghan – see the ridges?

I try to get one stripe done a week, which is a challenge.  It is not difficult to do, but time consuming.  I hope to make it about 6 feet long.  Maybe 7.  I want to be able to lay down and be covered by the blanket.  Not have my toes sticking out at the end.  My kids love the blanket, it is perfect size for them right now!  And hopefully by the the time the weather gets cooler – in about 7 months, I’ll have a nice warm blanket to cuddle under!