Everyone loves chocolate!

Everybody loves chocolate…  in our family anyways!

Brownie bites!

Brownie bites! (salt just to show size)

The past several weeks I’ve had the privilege of coaching volleyball for some wonderful teenage girls.  This past weekend we went to state and had a great time.  I thought I’d bring a little snack along because it can be a long day.  What else is there to snack on besides chocolate!?

I like brownies, but the corners are my favorite.  My problem is that I like the corners so much that if I made a whole pan of brownies I probably wouldn’t eat the middles!  So I came up with a solution.  I bought the mini baking cups (the size that fit in my mini muffin tin) and I made brownie bites!

Brownie bites!

I actually bought the wrong size recently.  These are just a little BIGGER than my mini-muffin tins, but they’re aluminum cups so they stood up on their own.  I just filled them and baked them on a cookie sheet, about 25 at a time!  They’re like a two-bite brownie now, but still delicious!  Between my volleyball girls and my brother-in-law, this is all I had left!  So delish!

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P.S.  I just used a box of brownie mix … I’m sure whichver way you make brownies would work!  I like to use my rounded tablespoon to fill them, same basic rules as cupcakes – fill about 2/3 the way full.  These I baked (as I said previously) on a big cookie sheet so I wasn’t too worried about anything terrible happening in my oven if they spilled over – which didn’t happen!