Back to School Shopping

I can’t say I really enjoy back to school shopping.  There are several things that make the trip less fun:

  • the price tag keeps getting bigger
  • I always feel like I’m telling one of the girls we can’t get the really fancy kind, either because the school has specifics or because it’s too expensive
  • I can’t find the specific thing that’s on the school list
  • It takes multiple trips to multiple stores

However, this year, I was finally able to do something a little “fun” with the back-to-school shopping.  My oldest daughter is going into 7th grade, and she needed “heavy-duty” binders in different colors for each grade.  (There were specific colors listed for each grade.)  Well, it’s hard to find green, purple, & yellow heavy-duty binders.  The sheet indicated if we couldn’t find them, we could always insert colored paper to change the color of a white binder, for example,

So, after shopping, I went downstairs to play around with changing white or black binders into the various needed colors.  I thought Ally might like to have “fun” papers inserted, so I sat down at my craft table, and went to work.  (As Ally is a pretty picky kid, I did go to her a few times to get her opinion on the papers.)

I started by changing a black binder into green, white into yellow, and white into purple.  Ally liked them so much, she asked me to “pretty up” the rest.  Here’s how they turned out:


Here is what the back looked like:


I couldn’t exactly stop there, though.  🙂  I pulled out my Cricut and typed up the subjects, used my sticker maker, and put them on more of the patterned paper.  Here is a picture of the results:


It was totally worth all the time when I saw the smile on Ally’s face.  It should hopefully add a little bit of fun to school.  I think we’re ready.  School starts in 1 week already, and I will officially have a 7th grader and Kindergartner.  I took off the day to take my baby to Kindergarten and Ally to Junior High, and I’m going to try to make the best of it!



Scrapbooking and Iris Folding

As you may know, I love to scrapbook and make cards.  Occasionally, I go to an Archivers Scrap Night with some co-workers (Karen and Sharon).  Often, we’re joined by Leanne, a long-time friend of Karen’s.  It is great fun!  And it’s probably one of the few nights I ever stay up until midnight!

My main goal of the night was to make cards, so here are a few of them:



I really enjoy using some embossing (using embossing folders rather than powder) on cards when I can.  One of my favorite ones is a cupcake with a candle.  This is perfect for a birthday card!



After making about 14 cards, I thought it was time for scrapbook pages.  You can tell I’m really behind (as they’re from when Ally was about 1 1/2 years of age), but here they are:


While I was there, Leanne was making one of the most beautiful cards I’ve seen.  It’s using a technique called “Iris Folding”.  I love it!  I didn’t quite have enough time to work on it there, so the next day, I gave it a try.

First, I googled to find a pattern.  (This is a necessity for a beginner!)  I found a wonderful little onesie pattern which I thought would be perfect for a baby card. Before I could begin, I printed off 2 copies of the pattern, traced one and cut it out (using an X-acto knife), and taped the 2nd pattern behind it.  I picked out 4 coordinating papers, cut 3/4 inch strips (although I learned it would be better to do 1 inch strips), and laid them out.


Then, I scored each one in half, and I was really ready to begin.  🙂  I taped portions of the paper (with the fold facing to the inside), on numbers 1-3.  It then looks as follows:


When I was all done, it looks like this.  Pretty, right?  😉




Okay, that was the back side.  Now to flip it over for the front:

DSCN3730I LOVE IT!  That was fun to do!  Time-consuming, yes, but fun!  I can’t wait to add an embellishment or two and use the card!  I have another pattern which I might try to get done yet today.  If you like to try something new or want to make a card really special/unique, I highly recommend giving this a try!