Quilling fun

Next weekend, I get to have a fun getaway with a couple of friends and scrapbook a little.  A few coworkers and I used to always go to Archivers a few nights a year to make Christmas cards, scrapbook, and have some fun.  Since Archivers closed, one friend decided to invite us all to a weekend of scrapbooking at her house with some giveaways and free Make & Takes like we’d have at Archivers.  🙂

So, I thought I’d do a Make & Take, too, but I had to have some fun & try out a few things I found on Pinterest.

If you’ve never done Quilling, it’s great!  To try to show you what I do, I’ve included a few pictures below.  I saw this beautiful tree on Pinterest, so I worked to make one similar.  (It’s almost impossible for me to make one exactly like someone else.  I don’t think I know all the secrets of Quilling yet.)

I started out by making 2 “S” scrolls, 2 “C” scrolls, & 3 “Y” scrolls.  I bet you can tell why they’re called that!  And I also made some loose “1/2 S” scrolls (on the right in the picture below).  I doubt that’s really what they’re called, but that’s the best way I have to explain them.


And then I put it all together by gluing them in place on a card.


Can you tell it’s a tree?  I hope so!  Lastly, I add some of my favorite embellishments, and ta-da!  How fun!


For my “Make & Take”, I made the following card, which is a lot more simple.  I even got to use a crimper.  It reminded me of crimping our hair as girls.  I wonder if Mom still has that hair crimper.


Hope you had fun reading up on my latest fun.  Love you, sisters!



Scrapbooking and Iris Folding

As you may know, I love to scrapbook and make cards.  Occasionally, I go to an Archivers Scrap Night with some co-workers (Karen and Sharon).  Often, we’re joined by Leanne, a long-time friend of Karen’s.  It is great fun!  And it’s probably one of the few nights I ever stay up until midnight!

My main goal of the night was to make cards, so here are a few of them:



I really enjoy using some embossing (using embossing folders rather than powder) on cards when I can.  One of my favorite ones is a cupcake with a candle.  This is perfect for a birthday card!



After making about 14 cards, I thought it was time for scrapbook pages.  You can tell I’m really behind (as they’re from when Ally was about 1 1/2 years of age), but here they are:


While I was there, Leanne was making one of the most beautiful cards I’ve seen.  It’s using a technique called “Iris Folding”.  I love it!  I didn’t quite have enough time to work on it there, so the next day, I gave it a try.

First, I googled to find a pattern.  (This is a necessity for a beginner!)  I found a wonderful little onesie pattern which I thought would be perfect for a baby card. Before I could begin, I printed off 2 copies of the pattern, traced one and cut it out (using an X-acto knife), and taped the 2nd pattern behind it.  I picked out 4 coordinating papers, cut 3/4 inch strips (although I learned it would be better to do 1 inch strips), and laid them out.


Then, I scored each one in half, and I was really ready to begin.  🙂  I taped portions of the paper (with the fold facing to the inside), on numbers 1-3.  It then looks as follows:


When I was all done, it looks like this.  Pretty, right?  😉




Okay, that was the back side.  Now to flip it over for the front:

DSCN3730I LOVE IT!  That was fun to do!  Time-consuming, yes, but fun!  I can’t wait to add an embellishment or two and use the card!  I have another pattern which I might try to get done yet today.  If you like to try something new or want to make a card really special/unique, I highly recommend giving this a try!