Oven-Baked Potato Wedges

Grilling season is here 🙂  Boy I do like the spring weather  we are finally getting.  I really enjoy hearing the birds sing again, but I remembered today that I really don’t enjoy them pooping on my car while I’m at work.

After my hubby cleaned out the garage (all on his own, without my suggesting it!) he flipped on the grill.  Mmmm burgers!  The dilemma at our house is always what to have with the burgers.

This quickly became one of my husband (and my) favorites.  We both like potatoes (especially french fries!) but baking wedges in the oven mixes it up a little bit. Plus it makes me feel a little better about myself since I’m not eating fryer food every time we want some potato with supper.

I generally pick out two potatoes, and and a third little one.  Cut the potatoes into wedges.  My hubby always says the smaller the better, I try for about a 1/2″ thick (at the base side).  There is some truth to that, but too small and they get hard…. like beyond crunchy.  Then again, we like ours crispy.  If you like yours softer, then cut them bigger.  Be careful cutting, those buggers are sliippery!


Throw the wedges into a bag of some sort and add 1-2 tbsp of oil.  I go for more around the 2 tbsp because I use a big gallon baggie… a lot of the oil stays there.  It really doesn’t matter how much you use, the point would be to get all the wedges coated.

Dump the wedges on a cookie sheet.  I would suggest one with sides in case you have a little too much oil 🙂  FYI – my 2.5 potatoes nearly takes all the space on my smallish cookie sheet.  They take up way more room than I would have guessed.  Lay all the wedges on one side.  I like to point them all in the same direction.  Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.

Lawry's seasoning salt

Lawry’s is the go-to seasoning in our house.

Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  Take the wedges out and flip them all over.  This is why I lay them all the same direction – so I know which ones I’ve flipped and which ones I haven’t!  They do sometimes stick to the pan, moreso the first time you flip them than later.  Just take a metal flipper-deal (I’ve forgotten what you call those?) and slide under the wedges.  Add more seasoning if you’d like.  Bake another 10 minutes on this side.  Repeat!  You should bake them about 40 minutes total, flipping 3 times.  Timing depends on the size of your wedges and how crispy you like them.

Beef! Its whats for dinner! (Supper, actually)

Beef! Its whats for dinner! (Supper, actually)

Eat them like fries with ketchup, or with some butter, or sour cream, or whatever you like on your potatoes 🙂  It takes a little while to bake but they sure are good!

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