My first 10k mud run – The choice to race

I did it! 5 months to the day of Jacob’s birth, I ran my first 10k mud run.

Dog tag I received for finishing!

Dog tag I received for finishing!

But let me start from the beginning, this was quite a big process. Did you know that Camp Pendleton’s World Famous Mud Run sells out in the first 24 hours of registration opening? It’s not called World Famous for nothing! They have 5 race days, and there were around 3400 competitors on my race day. So, when did registration open? January 1. So the question was should I? Or could I? Remember I was pregnant at this time. So in December, 9 months pregnant I was thinking this over. There were so many questions. Would the delivery go well? Would I have a c-section? I wasn’t due until a week after registration!  Would I recover quick enough to train for 6.2 mile run in the mud with obstacles? And when would I train? And how? I’ll have 3 kids! I have a stroller, but it’s only a double, and will I really want to run pushing all the kids anyway? I can’t wait until Josh comes home to run since it’s not exactly the safest place for a woman to run alone. I started looking into our local YMCA and discovered that they have Child Watch.  I can drop the kids off for two hours a day to work out. So that would make things much easier. And I wasn’t completely out of shape. I was the assistant coach for a junior high cross country team when I was 6-7 months pregnant, and pushed the kids in the stroller while I ran. So, should I do it? And then Josh reminded me that my friend from church, a mother of 6, did it the past year and walked a good portion of it. So there shouldn’t be any pressure to have to do well. I could tell myself that, but in the end I do want to do well. Then little Jacob came 10 days early born on the 31st of December.  So now a few of those questions had been answered. So again should I try it? Remember, we have to register January 1 – that’s the day after I delivered my 3rd child. So while I recovered from labor and took care of our little newborn, my husband was on the computer registering us for a mud run. Wow. Am I crazy?

So the training can begin. I found out that I couldn’t take Jacob in the exercise room with me (sleeping in his carseat beside the treadmill) and he wasn’t allowed to go to Child Watch until 8 weeks old. So Josh would come home from work and as soon as I was done nursing Jacob I would drive over to the Y and run for a bit. I started with running only a mile and a half and worked up to 3.8 miles. Mostly it was a 2.5 to 3 mile run. I didn’t run as often as I wanted since the Child Watch has strict rules about the health of the children when being dropped off, which I fully understood and agreed with. I wouldn’t want my kids to get sick after spending an hour there. So I was happy to be able to run twice a week. But with three kids, I had three times the chance of one of them being sick. Which seemed to happen a lot.  I also discovered that running long distances on the treadmill was really boring.  After about 45 minutes of the treadmill I was ready to be done with it, even if I did have energy to run more. The last month or so Josh and I started running together with the kids in their strollers. I pushed the light-weight Jacob, and Josh pushed the older two. It worked out well, since it helped even us out a little. Josh could still run twice as fast, twice as long, and up hills twice as steep as me even while pushing 70lbs of children.   We ran up some hills – maybe I should say, Josh ran up some hills while I walked. 🙂  It felt good to run outside.  And I discovered that while the hills were not very easy for me, I still had enough energy to run back down the hill.  So I felt pretty confident. Walk up hill, run down hill.  Easy enough.


Now my concern was Jacob. I’ve only given him a bottle twice. What were we to do with him during the race? Josh’s parents graciously agreed to meet us at the race where I would nurse Jacob right before the race. So race day came quickly. The week of the race we tried to eat right. That meant protein, complex carbs, lots of veggies and fruits. Storing up energy for the race. And drinking a lot of water so we were well hydrated. Yes, we were serious about this stuff.  I planned to go to bed early.  Which did not happen unfortunately, but eventually my eyes closed in sleep.

But since this post is getting a bit long and I’m only just up to race day you’ll have to tune in for the next post to hear about the race! It’s more fun if I can go into detail about it. Then you can really get a sense of what it was like. 🙂 And then you won’t be daunted by a really really long post. 😀 So, ’til next time!