Ahh summer is finally arriving.  I stepped outside after work today and my hair immediately stuck to my neck, face, and back.  It was hot and humid – and I was loving it.  After many days of cold and rain, the warmth was so wonderful!

Its sinking in that it really is summer.  When I get home from work I will often hear the *tink* *tink* of baseball bats.  We live like 100 yards from the high school ball diamonds.  I like to open the windows and listen to the sounds of the ball hiting the bats and the fans cheering when there is a good play.  I even walked over this afternoon to watch a little myself.

The view of the diamonds from the end of our driveway.

The view from the end of our driveway; the diamonds are just passed the trees.

With the warmer weather, I’m also starting to look forward to weekends at the lakes!  The last few that I’ve been up there were rainy and not very good boating weather.  We did take one boat ride; I wore my coat, Drew’s sweatshirt over my coat, and wrapped a blanket around my legs.  I guess we were just too excited to get the boat in the water to care what the weather was like :).  Today I wore my first pair of shorts in public this season – boy do I need some color!

Drew also plays on a slowpitch softball league with some friends during the summer.  Between that, riding some motorcycle, weddings, holidays and the lakes, our summer is looking pretty full already!

It has also come to my attention that I actually haven’t put pictures up of my new car!  So when it was nice out the other day, I washed it and took a few pictures 🙂  I had to get off all that dirt and mud thats been caked on there from the last couple weeks.  Boy was it a chore, but it sure does look nice again!

~ T ~