2nd Sunday

My family has a tradition.  The 2nd sunday of each month is reserved for going to Grandma’s house.  We call it “2nd Sunday.”  Clever, I know.

I’m actually not even sure when this started.  I can’t remember a time when we haven’t had 2nd Sunday.  Its a pretty good time, a great reason just to get together with family and catch up on our lives.  We’re all getting older, moving to different cities/states, changing majors, jobs…. Sometimes its hard to stay on top of where everyone is at in their lives.  Especially because we have a pretty big family!

Family Picture

Get together of (almost) everyone for Grandma’s birthday last summer.

This past 2nd Sunday there was quite a bit of bad weather here.  Many of us were already on our way to Grandma’s house for dinner when we decided it wasn’t worth the risk; it took no less than a ground blizzard to cancel our monthly get-together.

All of this really had me thinking how special it really is that we can even have 2nd Sunday.  Many people I know aren’t on good terms with family or they are too far apart to meet as often as we do.  I couldn’t even imagine something like that; I’ve never experienced it.

Grandma always says how her neighbors comment all the time on the amount of vehicles she has parked in front of her house when we all come.  She’s quite proud of this bunch and loves to tell her neighbors and friends about how often she has kids, grandkids and great-grandkids at her house to visit.

I never really understood that as a kid.  For me, 2nd Sunday was a time to play with my cousins.  We used to walk to the park after dinner and play lots of games.

When I got a little older, I liked 2nd Sunday because I got to eat some really good home-cooked food.  I was at the point in my life where all my older siblings were gone (moved out of the house, I mean) and so big dinners weren’t as common as home.

Then I got older still, an adult, if you will.  And now I like 2nd Sunday because I like to visit (chit-chat).  My 10-year-old self would be in utter disbelief that I just said that.  Its funny how I see these people many times a year and I can’t even keep track of what they’re up to!  Its nice to talk about what everyone is doing.

I’m also getting to the point where I think i can finally understand why Grandma likes it so much, too.  Its crazy to think back on how my views of 2nd Sunday have changed over the years.

Old family picture

Everyone gathered at Grandma’s; one of my first times!

We really don’t do anything different.  We still plan on going to Grandma’s the 2nd sunday of each month.  We still all bring some sort of food to share.  The little ones still play together.  The older ones sit and visit.  And the older ones yet just bask in the glory of all the family that still comes to visit.  Everyone’s roles have changed; yet despite all the change, nothing has changed!

Its sometimes hard to believe how different 2nd Sunday feels now, even though its still the same as it was.

In any case, its still special, perhaps in a different way than before, after all these years.